How to Start Lash Business from Home

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Today I share with you something basically important about how to start a lash business from home.

Interested in daily makeup, wearing false lashes? Are you addicted to sharing your makeup post on your social media? Did you want to make a living by something you are passionate about?

Here is a big chance for you to make money, even if you don’t have very much budget, and you can try to start your own business selling eyelashes!

Here are many useful tips helping you start your lash business from home, even if you are mommy feeding kids, a makeup blogger, a makeup artist, or a college student, and you can try from the lash business, to make money easy and quick.

So now is the time!

Why you can start a small business from lashes?

false lashes trending
false lashes trending

Here is the screenshot of Google Trend, and you can get the result that false lashes are the trending products in the past 5 years, and here is the constant demand of selling lashes. So it is the still right thing for you to start your lash business.

Here are some reasons why you can choose to sell false lashes.

  • Must-have Product: Almost all girls or women love to be much more beautiful, and becoming beautiful is one of the common goals for all ground of women, even for men.
  • FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods): False lashes are fast-moving consumer goods, and a pair of mink lashes can be reused up to 25 times, and then need to change the new lashes. So the repurchase rate of false lashes is much higher than other cosmetics, like foundation, cream, body lotion and etc.
  • Low Cost: Compared with others, false lashes are much cheaper, so it is much easier for you to promote them, and you can get your first 1k dollar in a quick time.
  • Various Styles: Don’t look down upon the lash business, and small lashes can be classified into many different types, varied in materials, lengths, styles, shapes, effects and so. So it’s regular that you can sell false lashes with thousands of types.
  • Easy to Learn: For girls, it is much easier to be in the lash business, and you don’t need to be an expert in the plain and boring professional knowledge, false lashes are the regular things in your daily life, and people can’t live without using them. You can try your small business starting from the easy things and then grow harder.
  • Nice Niche: Thinking of selling false lashes online? False lashes, nice niche for you to choose, and you will find many marketing strategies, branding, and packaging ideas to set your niche.

Not only these advantages of the lash business, and you will find something more based on your own situations, so I know you can do it too!

Let me start to show you some important steps to start your lash business fast and easily!

Find A Good Eyelash Supplier

eyelash supplier
eyelash supplier

The first important step for your lashes and company is to find a reliable eyelash supplier, with the ability to provide you the best false lashes continuously, at affordable prices. And the lash supplier can determine how huge your eyelash business can grow.

Here are some key factors recommended for you to choose an ideal eyelash supplier:

  • To find an eyelash manufacturer, with the big ability to create lashes independently. Eg: A qualified eyelash manufacturer can create the lash styles according to your requirement, and you can customize the lashes for your own company. You can learn how to create mink lashes, which means you can get some knowledge of the strip lashes production process, helping you choose a good lash factory.
  • Enough inventory: Enough inventory can ensure that you can make replenishment anytime if your false lashes are sold out, here we have a big warehouse to store 50kilo pairs of false lashes, so you can get false lashes bulk in stock if you are starting a lash business from home.
  • Various Patterns: A lovely lash company can prepare thousands of false lashes for consumers, customers to choose from, and our false lashes are varied in materials, lengths, curls, shapes, styles, effects and etc. I do believe that anyone can find a pair of false lashes to match her makeup look.
  • Fast Shipping: Shipping is also important for starting a lash business, and here we support almost all shipping methods, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, and others.

How to Find A Reliable Lash Supplier?

acrylic eyelash packaging for lash storage
acrylic eyelash packaging for lash storage

You got something important of a reliable eyelash supplier and then working on finding a lash vendor. And here are some suggestions for you.

1. Search on Google

search on google to find lash manufacturer
search on google to find lash manufacturer

We are the leading lash manufacturer, with the full ability for starting an eyelash business, and we are professional in creating small business lashes, and we have many different types of lashes, including strip lashes, so starting a strip lash business is a good choice for you to get into the beauty industry.

Lashes small business is much easier than any other business, and you will get many good ideas about starting a lash business from home, even if you are a little lash company.

What’s more, we don’t have the limit of MOQ (minimum order quantity), so that you can start the little lash company to get some wholesale strip lashes, to test the lash market.

And small business eyelashes are really popular nowadays, especially during the pandemic, people have to stay at home, to enjoy the home makeup, so doing a small lash business is much easier for you to make money, without needing so much cost input.

2. Search on Alibaba:

heyme beauty on alibaba
heyme beauty on Alibaba

Starting a false lash business from home is really a nice thing you can try on to make some money, to cover your daily expenditure for your life.

Here are thousands of lash suppliers sold lashes on Alibaba, and HeyMe Beauty is also the leading (Top) lash company on Alibaba.

What you can get from here:

  • Over 1000 different false lashes for you to select, varied in materials, lengths, curls, shapes and etc
  • Free paper eyelash packaging for your small eyelash business
  • Customized eyelash packaging, including magnetic eyelash packaging, drawer eyelash packaging, acrylic lash box and etc.
  • Free eyelash logo design, for you to get your false lashes with private label
  • Free lash images for you to upload on your own website
  • Fast shipping, you can receive your lashes within 5-7 working days.

Yes, you can choose some B2B platforms to get wholesale false lashes, starting your own lash business can be much easier from here. False eyelash business is the business helping you get money faster than any other business.

I give these two suggestions to you, and I do believe that you will get some other ideas about getting a lash provider. And we can help you a lot to start your own mink lash company because mink lashes are our most popular lashes, 25mm mink lashes are the hottest selling mink lashes in the lash market.

Start Your Own Lash Brand

how to start a lash brand
how to start a lash brand

If you are getting into the lash business, and then you can start a lash brand, to own a lash company. It’s time to start your own eyelash business.

Here is something about the lash business start-up.

  • Have a lash website: Here you can start to build a website for selling lashes, and you can use Shopify to open a lash store online. I recommend you guys choose a platform to create a website, without needing any code. WordPress, Wix, Strikingly and etc, all of these websites are super easy for you to make, without any code.
  • Have social media: Yes, if you want to get some free traffic, you need to use some social media, here I recommend you guys use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, and Youtube. All of these social media are the most popular, and people can’t live without them.

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