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custom lash book

To get your desired custom lash book now

Here we provide the lash book wholesale, lash book set, lash book empty, lash book packaging and etc, varied in sizes, colors, design and etc.

rhinestone lash book, eyelash book
rhinestone lash book, lash book set

Rhinestone Lash Book, Lash Book Set

Rhinestone lash book is the most popular eyelash book in the lash market, they are beautiful decorated with shinning rhinestone sheet. Multiple colors are provided, and also different styles of rhinestone decorations to make lash book become much more fashionable. Shop rhinestone lash book to get many pairs of mink lashes at one time!

Customized Rhinestone Lash Book Set

Customized Rhinestone Lash Book Set

Rhinestone lash book set can be customized, you can choose your stylish rhinestone sheet to frame four sides of lash book. Here are different sizes of rhinestone eyelash book, we have 3 pairs rhinestone lash book, 5 pairs rhinestone lash book, 8 pairs rhinestone lash book, 10 pairs rhinestone lash book, 12 pairs rhinestone lash book, 16 pairs rhinestone lash book. You can choose the suitable size for your beauty salon.

5 pairs glitter eyelash book

5 Pairs Glitter Eyelash Book with Cutout Window

These lash books are designed with glitter surface, for 5 pairs of strip lashes. Multiple colors are provided, and you can choose your favorite lash styles to store in this glitter eyelash book. It’s flexible to customize the mink lash book, such as random mink lashes, random color of lash book, and this lash book is designed with side cutout window. Why not have a try to diy lash book for your lash business shop?

holographic eyelash book for 4 pairs of false lashes

Holographic Eyelash Book for 4 Pairs of False Lashes

This eyelash book is designed with the holographic background, for 4 pairs of mink lashes. And the cover is this eyelash book is designed with glitter surface, looking shinning and sparkling. Here you can choose 4 pairs of wholesale mink lashes to put in this big lash book, and choose your favorite color to match your eyelash logo. 

luxury lash book with cutout window

Luxury Lash Book with Cutout Window

This lash book collection is well-designed with glitter surface, and holographic inner side. This big lash book can be used to store 3-5 or more pairs of false lashes, and we can customize it with multiple colors. The Pale Chestnut holographic inner background looks fashionable. Glitter eyelash packaging is really popular in the lash market, and we can add the beautiful glitter design to personalize the lash book. 

Gold glitter lash book with mirror

This is the stunning glitter lash book, which consists of two pairs of mink lashes, a tweezer, and a magnetic eyeliner. This magic lash book is installed a mirror inside, so that you can finish your daily makeup look with convenience. 

customized glitter lash book

Customized Glitter Lash Book

The vertical lash book is the most popular book in the lash industry, and you can get some lash book to display your strip mink lashes if you are a local eyelash vendor. Here are multiple colors of glitter surface  for you to choose, and we also have holographic lash book. Private label can be printed on the lash book, please feel free to contact us any time if you are interested in this series of lash books. 

5-pair 25mm mink lash book

25mm Mink Lash Book for 5 Pairs of Mink Lashes

This lash book with various surface is used to store 5 pairs of mink strip lashes, and you can choose any styles of mink lashes from our eyelash catalog. This lash book is designed with the sided vertical cutout window, super convenient to display mink lash styles, shapes to your clients for your lash store. We can customize your eyelash logo or private label on the lash book, and different colors for you to choose

holographic eyelash look for 16 pairs of false lashes

Holographic Eyelash Look For 16 Pairs of False Lashes

The size of the eyelash book can be customized according to how many pairs of false lashes you want to save, and this holographic eyelash book is designed to store 16 pairs of false lashes. And here you can choose your favorite 3d mink lashes for this lash book. We can print your eyelash logo on the lash book for your lash brand. 

cartoon girl lash book collection with mirror

Cartoon Girl Lash Book Collection With Mirror

This cartoon girl lash book with mirror is really popualr in the lash market, and this lash book is much more functional, to 3 pairs, 4 pairs, 5 pairs of mink strip eyelashes, and also eyeliner pen and tweezer. Here we have 3 different sizes for you to choose, and it’s flexible to mix any mink lashes, eyeliners, and tweezer to be packed in this magnic cartoon girl lash book set. 

cream pink mink eyelash book with adhesive eyeliner

Cream Pink Mink Eyelash Book with Adhesive Eyeliner

This pink cream eyelash book is so cute, designed to store 2 pairs of mink lashes, an adhesive eyeliner, and a tweezer. This can be a must-have eyelash book set to satisfy your needs of daily makeup. And you can choose your favorite mink lashes, eyeliners and tweezers. And our eyelash book can be customized with your private label. 

3 pair eyelash book for daily makeup

3 Pair Eyelash Book for Daily Makeup

This is the trending eyelash book, for your daily makeup uses, including 3 pairs of mink eyelashes, an adhesive eyeliner pen, a tweezer and a lash wand. And we can mix anything to complete this eyelash book set according to your requirement. And here are many different styles of mink eyelashes, we also support customization with your private label for your lash business start up. 

beautiful eyelash book with lashes

Beautiful Eyelash Book with Lashes

This is the beautiful eyelash book with lashes, and this can be used to store 5 pairs of mink lashes, and it’s flexible for you to mix any styles of mink lashes 3d for your eyelash book set. And this eyelash book kit is really amazing for your daily makeup look. We have eyelash book wholesale at afforable prices, and welcome to quote any time if you are interested in this bashful pink eyelash book.

premium 4in1 eyelash book set

Premium 4in1 Eyelash Book Set

This 4in1 eyelash book set is really suitable for lash business starters, and you guys can mix any of your favorite mink lashes in this wide lash book. Multiple colors are provided according to your request, and we can print your brand name on the eyelash book. This 4in1 lash book is really popular in the lash market, and welcome to contact us any time if you like. 

custom lash book packaging for eyelash storage

Custom Lash Book Packaging for Eyelash Storage

Do you love the eyelash book packaging with mirror, here we custom eyelash book, with different sizes, colors, shapes. This 3in1 eyelash book packaging is super popular, good-looking, lightweight, and you can take this useful lash book set in your luggage when you are in travelling because they can satisfy your needs for your daily eye makeup. 

mini lash look set for daily makeup uses

Mini Lash Look Set for Daily Makeup Uses

If you are addicted to eye makeup, and I do promise you will like this mini lash book set, including 1 pair of mink lashes, a waterproof eyeliner pen, a lash wand, and a tweezer. Wearing mink lashes is a nice strong method to help you get stunning makeup look everyday. And this lash book kit is super hot selling, and we have many clients doing lash business have ordered this. 

holographic eyelash look for 6 pairs of mink lashes

Holographic Eyelash Look For 6 Pairs of Mink Lashes

This holographic lash book is for 6 pairs of mink strip lashes, and you can choose your desired lash styles. This lash book packaging is designed with long ribbon, super cute. And we also provide a lash wand, tweezer along with the lash book. Private eyelash logo can be printed on the lash book, and welcome to quote us to share with us your lash book packaging ideas. 

wholesale lash books

Custom Lash Book for 5 Pairs Lashes

This folded lash book is for 5 pairs of mink lashes strip, and you can choose your desired lash styles. This lash book packaging is designed with long ribbon, super cute. The black flora design patterns looks stunning and fashionable. And we also provide a lash wand, tweezer along with the lash book. Private eyelash logo can be printed on the lash book, and welcome to quote us to share with us your lash book packaging ideas. 

4 pairs flower lash book

4 Pairs Flower Lash Book with Clear Cover​

The shape of the lash book can be customized, and this flower lash book with clear cover is used to place 4 pairs of false strip lashes, and you can get this only for your lash business start up. Different sizes are provided. We have over 500 different styles of fake lashes for you to choose. And you can get more info from the flower lash tray, please contact us to get your flower lash book set. 

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