Magnetic Lashes: The Ultimate Guide 2022

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Here are many types of false lashes in the lash industry, helping you enhance your real lashes to be much better. As a girl pursuing beauty and charm, wearing lashes is the greater method to import your makeup to the next level.

And today, I am happy to share with you guys the ultimate guide to magnetic lashes. From this blog post, then you can get to know everything basically important about magnetic lashes.

Let’s get started!

What Are Magnetic Lashes?

what are magnetic lashes
what are magnetic lashes?

Are you tired of the traditional false lashes? Here you can try on some lashes special and specially designed, these are magnetic eyelashes.

Magnetic lashes are the trending lashes designed with magnet strips, and wearing magnetic lashes is a new solution to enhance your real lashes to be much longer. Compared with the traditional strip lashes, magnetic lashes are super special, and you can try something different to discover something surprising, and I do believe that magnetic lashes can’t make you disappointed.

Magnetic lashes are inventive, and innovative as the fashionable false lashes in the lash market, and magnetic lash application could be the straightforward and fastest solution to get a natural, fluffy, or dramatic lash look in a few seconds, yes, you can get stunning lashes in quick.

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes?

how to apply magnetic lashes
how to apply magnetic lashes

Each pair of magnetic eyelashes are installed with magnets, which is the secret weapon to get your false strip lashes applied. You will know how magnetic lashes are applied in these steps.

The magnetic lash application is super easy and you can get the quick lash look at once.

The thing to know at the very beginning is that you have to apply magnetic lashes with liner, magnetic eyeliner.  Applying magnetic lashes could be SIMPLE.

how to put on magnetic lashes
how to put on magnetic lashes

Step 1. Trim Magnetic Lashes (Optional):

If you find the magnetic lashes you selected are much longer or with a longer lash band than your lash line, you can use the scissor to cut off the extra length, to suit your eye shape well. This step is optional, and you can skip the trimming lashes if you find the magnetic lashes can suit your eyes well. So you’d better choose the right magnetic lashes for your eye shape ahead of time.

Step 2. Apply Magnetic Eyeliner: 

The magnetic lashes should be applied with liner, so please prepare the magnetic lashes. You can shake the magnetic eyeliner to make it mix well, and then brush a layer of magnetic eyeliner to your lash line, like you apply the regular eyeliner. And you can apply 2 – 3 layers of magnetic eyeliner to make it sticky enough to adhere to the magnetic lashes firmly.

Step 3. Apply Magnetic Lashes: 

Wait for a few seconds, it’s time for applying magnetic eyelashes. You can soften the lash band before application, and then you can use the tweezer to hold one side of the lash band, and then apply the magnetic lashes to the place where you applied the magnetic eyeliner.

Step 4. Adjust Magnetic Lashes: 

Then use the tweezer or your finger to adjust the angle of the magnetic lashes to locate them well to fit your lash line.

This is the easiest way to apply magnetic lashes, so enjoy your lash look.

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

safe magnetic lashes
safe magnetic lashes

Yes, of course! It’s safe for you to apply magnetic lashes, without using any lash glue. Magnetic lashes are much safer than glue-on strip lashes because there are those who are allergic to lash glue.

So the glue-free magnetic lashes are safe to use, to avoid many harsh, irritating issues. And even the sandwich magnetic lashes can’t contact your eye skin directly, so it’s much safer for you to use magnetic lashes, avoiding touching the lash glue chemicals that will cause some sensitive problems to your eyes.

Our magnetic lash eyeliner for applying magnetic lashes is FDA approved so that you can try on magnetic lashes to start your new journey to false lashes. How safe are magnetic lashes? You can get the answer after your application.

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe While Pregnant?

safe magnetic lashes during pregnancy
safe magnetic lashes during pregnancy

Do you still want to own glam lashes even if you are pregnant? Yes, you can try on magnetic lashes, rather than glue-on lashes, because magnetic lashes are much safer due to free lash glue. You can avoid certain chemicals if you use magnetic lashes because the magnetic lash application doesn’t need any lash glue at all.

So you can still enjoy the beautiful lashes during your pregnancy period. We highly recommend magnetic lashes during your pregnancy, because magnetic lashes are safe to wear without using any lash glue.

Are Magnetic Lashes Reusable?

reusable magnetic lashes
reusable magnetic lashes

Are you tired of lash falling out, magnetic lashes can give you a good lash solution. Our magnetic lashes are reusable, and you can reuse them for up to 25 wears.

And you can make a gentle cleaning after removing your magnetic lashes, then return them to their original lash case. It is a nice method to keep your magnetic lashes in a good condition. Regular protection can expand magnetic eyelashes’ lifespan to be much longer so that you can reuse them for your daily makeup to around 30 times.

Are Magnetic Lashes Waterproof?

waterproof magnetic lashes
waterproof magnetic lashes

Yes, magnetic lashes are waterproof, so you can swim with magnetic lashes. The magnetic eyeliner is made of waterproof material, so you don’t need to worry about them falling out problems if you are in the rain or you are sweating.

You can still join in some activities where you need to keep in contact with water, such as swimming, water sprinkling, etc, wearing magnetic lashes is no problem.

But we don’t recommend that you are still wearing magnetic lashes or other false lashes if you take a shower, it’s better to remove your magnetic eyeliner eyelashes after your day up. Yes, don’t stay your magnetic lashes on your eyes overnight, the magnets on the magnetic lashes could hurt your eyes in your sleeping time due to unconscious turns.

How Long Will Magnetic Lashes Stay on?

magnetic lashes for daily makeup
magnetic lashes for daily makeup

Wearing magnetic lashes is the trending method to help you get a stunning makeup look so that you can prepare some in your handbag all the time for your daily makeup routine.

And magnetic lashes made of synthetic fiber are durable and strong enough to hold your daily makeup look. It is OK for you to wear magnetic eyelashes during the day, up to 10 hours. The lash band made of black cotton material is strong enough to keep your magnetic lashes stay on your eyes well.

Why Are My Magnetic Lashes Not Sticking

sticking magnetic lashes
sticking magnetic lashes

The magnetic lash application is special compared with other regular strip lashes, so you have to use the magnetic eyeliner to apply magnetic lashes. The magnetic eyeliner is the basically important factor to keep your magnetic lashes sticky to your lash line.

Magnetic lashes won’t be sticky enough to stay well if you can’t use the proper eyeliner. The magnetic liner ingredients are special, and the iron powder is the key factor to making your magnetic lashes sticky.

The magnets installed on the magnetic lash band can adsorb the iron powder inside of the magnetic liquid eyeliner, this is why you can finish the magnetic lash application without using any lash glue. The magnetic liquid liner is designed for only magnetic lashes.

So your magnetic lashes won’t be sticky at all if you use the regular eyeliner liquid, excluding the iron oxides. What’s more, please shake the magnetic liner before you use it.

Magnetic Lashes for Glasses Wearers

magnetic lashes for glass wearers
magnetic lashes for glass wearers

Can you wear magnetic lashes with glasses? Yes, of course!

Magnetic lashes are safe to wear, together with your glasses or contact lenses. And we recommend that you can choose the natural magnetic lashes, not that too long. Lighter magnetic lashes are super suitable for you to achieve a glam lash look even with your glasses.

The magnetic lashes with the proper length can be worn comfortably under your glasses, and they won’t bother your sight. Too long, thick false lashes will be too close to your glasses, resulting in visual interference.

You need to select the magnetic lashes, big and voluminous, which are designed with an upward curl to prevent glass battling. And you can choose to wear the contact lenses if you are going to date night or celebration time to level up your lash look.

Here we have the demi wispies that are magnetic which can help you achieve the natural lash look. Also, there are various lengths for you to wear magnetic lashes together with glasses or contact lenses.

How to Care for Magnetic Lashes?

care for magnetic lashes
care for magnetic lashes

Applying magnetic lashes is the secret weapon to level up your lash look, so it’s also important for you to care for your magnetic lashes, to ensure that you can use them longer.

The proper care for magnetic lashes can maintain them well in the good condition, which is a strong method to expand their span life, and you can reuse them again and again. Here are some hack tips you can keep in your mind.

Clean Magnetic Lashes:

Don’t forget to clean your magnetic lashes after your use each time, and you can use the gentle makeup remover liquid to wash your magnetic lashes. This step can make your magnetic lashes tidy and clean all the way up. Wash off the extra magnetic eyeliner liquid and makeup residue.

Remove the Remnants

Please remove the remaining remnants on the magnets, and keep your magnets clean and tidy all the time too. At the same time, the lash band, lash strip hairs should be gently and thoroughly clean. You can use the Q-tips to dap the antibacterial makeup remover or alcohol to dissolve the remaining remnants.

Keep Them Dry

Don’t make your magnetic lashes wet all the time, and you can use the tissue to absorb the extra water after you wash them up. Place them in a cool place to dry them. The humidity will destroy the magnetic lashes’ material structure.

Return to Original Case

The last important point is that you need to return your clean magnetic lashes to their original lash case. Don’t throw them casually, the proper storage can ensure that you can wear them for more time.

Double Layer Magnetic Lashes

double layer magnetic lashes

The double-layer magnetic lashes are the most popular magnetic strip lashes in the lash market, and you can get 2 pairs of magnetic lashes at one time. The double-layer structured lash case is super for you to carry some ready-to-use false lashes to any place when you have the business strip.

What is in the double layer magnetic lash kit:

  • 2 pairs of magnetic false lashes: Can be mixed according to your requirement, varied in different lengths, curls.
  • 1 magnetic eyeliner: The must-have lash tool for you to apply magnetic lashes.
  • 1 tweezer: Can be used as the lash applicator to adjust the angle of magnetic lashes after application, to make magnetic lashes settle well on your lashes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is the ultimate guide to magnetic lashes for makeup starters, and please don’t hesitate to contact us now if you have any questions about the magnetic lashes. And welcome to get Free magnetic lash samples for your lash business.

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