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Lash Extension Chart

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What Are Lash Extensions?

Compared with strip lashes, lash extensions are also the popular false lashes, semi-permanent false lashes, made of synthetic, faux mink, or silk fibers. And the lash extensions are applied strand by strand,  with specially formulated non-irritating glue to your own lashes to enhance your eyelashes to be much thinner and fuller.

Our lash extensions are made of cruelty-free synthetic fibers, without needing any animal fur, so they are super eco-friendly and environmentally friendly. Lash extensions are manufactured with a super light, soft texture, so these are top picks for lash addicts.

Here is the lash extension chart for you to help you choose your desired lash extensions.

Lash Extension


lash styles
lash styles

Lash extensions are different, here are some popular lash extensions in the lash industry.

Here are some aspects you need to consider before selecting the lash extensions.


Here are different thicknesses of the lash extensions for you to choose from, thinner lash extensions can give you a much natural eyelash look, and thicker lash extensions can give you a much more dramatic eyelash look. You can get your desired lash extensions to suit your lashing style.

From 0.05mm to 0.30mm, you can customize the thickness of the lash extension for your ideal lash look, and we are the lash extension manufacturer with the ability to design your designed lash lashing style.


Lash extensions are manufactured with fine and natural texture, and the surface looks under the microscopy like hair cuticles on the natural hair, and you can feel comfortable after doing lash extensions, like without wearing anything.

You can also choose double-layer lash extensions to thicken your eyelashes, to look fuller and richer.


Multiple lash extension styles are designed to meet your requirements about the lash styles, different volumes are provided, and here you can choose 2D volume lash extension, 3D volume lash extension, 4D volume lash extension, 5D volume lash extension, and even more.


Here are various styles of lash extensions for your lashing style, including classic lash extension, and flat lash extension, and contact area with your natural lash can be done with different gaps, to be closer or not.


Here are also different colors, you can get your desired colored lash extensions from us too.

Lash Extension Size Chart

lash extension size chart
lash extension size chart

The lash extension size chart is a helpful tool telling you the basic specifications of the lash extensions, including lash extension length, lash extension shape, lash extension thickness and etc.

Lash Extension Curl Chart

lash extension curl chart
lash extension curl chart

This is the lash extension curl chart above, you can choose your desired curls to do lash extensions.

All curls of lash extensions are designed for different lash angles and types.


The dramatic lash extensions, including C curl lash extension, D curl lash extension, U curl lash extension, these lash extensions are made with big curls, can give your super curly eyelashes.

Lift Up

The lash extensions with lift-up shapes are designed for hooded eyelids, deep-set eyes, and droopy eyes, because they are helpful to lift eyelids, making you look much more spirited and eye-catching. Lift-up flying lash extensions can enlarge your eyes too, to make your eyes look bigger than they really are.

The lift-up lash extensions have some curls for you, including L curl lash extension, and L+ lash extension.


The straight-up lash extensions are designed for people who own extremely downwards angle lashes, these lash extensions are used to straighten up the very droopy natural lashes to look up up.

Lash Extension Thickness Chart

lash extension thickness chart
lash extension thickness chart

And then you guys need to choose your desired length for your lash extensions, to achieve the ideal stunning lashing.

Multiple lengths are provided, including 0.03mm lash extension, to 0.30mm lash extension, and the weight of the lash extensions are also slightly different because of different lengths.

Here are some regular specifications for you to as a reference

Mega Volume

Mega lash extensions are much fuller and dramatic so that you need to choose high-volume lash extensions, from 6D up to 20D. The higher volume looks much fuller and dramatic, and you’d better choose premade lash fans or easy fans to achieve this mega lash look.

Russian Volume

Russian volume styles are much thinner compared with the mega volume lash extensions, and you can choose 2D, 3D premade fanning lashes.

Classic Volume

The classic lash extensions are much more natural, and you can choose 1D classic individual lash extensions or 1D flat lashes to get a natural eyelash look.

Lash Extension Length Chart

lash extension length chart
lash extension length chart

This is the lash extension length chart, and you can choose your most suitable lengths based on this chart.

And you also can select the ideal lengths according to your eye shapes, shorter lengths are used to create the natural lash look, and longer lengths can create a much more dramatic lash look.

You need to use the lash extensions with different lengths, to achieve different styles of lashing look. You can see the lash mapping to know the accurate lengths of the lash extensions, and get the clue where they can be located while doing lash extensions.

lash mapping template
lash mapping template

So it is reasonable for you to get the designed lash mapping before doing lash extensions, and here are some popular lash mapping templates for different eye shapes for your reference.

The lash mapping is really important for lash artists, and the lash mapping will allow you how to determine the lengths of the lash extensions to finish your complete lash look. As a lash artist, you need to learn how to read the lash mapping and get more practice to be skilled in doing lash extensions for your clients.

Lash Extension Style Chart

lash extension styles to match eye shapes
lash extension styles to match eye shapes

We all have different eye shapes, so we need to choose different lash extension styles to match our eye shapes well. Please choose the lash extensions with proper length, curl, thickness to highlight your eye makeup to the next level.

Here are some tips helpful for you.

Longer lash extensions are applied to the outer corner of your eyes, which can help you get the natural eye effect. And you can choose the longer lash extensions to enhance your real lashes to become much fuller and longer, but without showing a dramatic “false” lashing style look.

You can apply for the curly lash extensions, not that flat to lift up your droopy, or hooded eyes, to be much more charming. Applying the proper lash extensions is the strategic decision to beautify your real lashes to make your eyes look much more beautiful than they really are.

And proper lash extensions can also be applied to adjust the eye gaps, to make too close-set eyes or wide-set eyes look much more natural.

Download Lash Extension Size Chart PDF

Here is the lash extension size chart for you guys to download

Lash Extension Chart-HeyMe Beauty


These are some popular lash extensions charts above in this article, and I hope this can help you a little with your lash extension selection. If any more questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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