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Hi, beauties, eyelash box packaging is really important for you to save your favorite lashes, welcome to come here to get your favorite magnetic lash box!

Here are more and more types of lash box packagings on the market, and the magnetic lash box is one of the hot-selling lash box types.

magnetic lash box

Here, I will share with you all about our custom magnetic lash boxes according to different types. We are trying our best to provide custom magnetic lash boxes, OK, let’s start with the regular magnetic eyelash boxes.

Luxury magnetic lash box with different shapes

magnetic lash box

The magnetic lash box can be designed with different shapes, hereby we provide various regular shapes for magnetic lash box customization, including the rectangular magnetic lash box, square magnetic lash box, triangular magnetic lash box, 5-sided magnetic lash box, diamond magnetic lash box, and round magnetic lash box.

Rectangular magnetic lash box

rectangular magnetic lash box

Of course, if you want the other shapes, we can provide all the shapes which are popular on the market, to be special and unique.

We have various types of rectangular magnetic lash boxes in stock, with different colors, surface patterns, and different styles. You can get all of these magnetic lash boxes we have in the warehouse, and these are the hot-selling magnetic eyelash packaging on the market.

Rectangular magnetic lash boxes with customization are well provided here, of course, you can send us your box design script showing your wanted size, including length, width, and thickness to our designer team, we can work out your design to the real magnetic lash box.

Square magnetic lash box

square magnetic lash box

The square magnetic lash box is also welcomed by lash lovers, and you can choose these cute square magnetic eyelash boxes for you to save your favorite false lashes.

You can choose the color and design pattern you like, of course, surface technics for square lash boxes are also provided, such as glitter square lash box, holographic square lash box and etc.

glitter magnetic lash box

Here is also one type of square lash box with a special design, not the magnetic lash box, looking like the perfume.

crystal handle square magnetic lash box

These square lash boxes are designed with a handle, looking like a diamond made of plastic ( or acrylic plastic material), which is also well-welcomed on the market. These square lash drawer boxes are really protective for you to store your favorite lashes away from the bacteria outside.

You can return the lashes on the square lash tray to the square lash drawer, keeping your lashes clean and tidy for your next use.

Triangle magnetic lash box

triangle magnetic lash box

Triangle magnetic lash box is a three-sided custom magnetic lash box, which is special, you can choose your custom lash box using this special shape. Colors and design patterns are selective too, you can choose to do the customization to get the most special for your lash brand.

Diamond magnetic lash box


Most girls are addicted to the diamond, yep, we also have a luxury magnetic lash box with a diamond design. You can choose your loved diamond magnetic lash box for you to save your cute lashes.

You can choose to get amazing mink lashes put in the diamond magnetic lashes to send to your best friends, and I do believe they will love them very much. Glitter diamond magnetic lash box and holographic diamond magnetic lash box is also booming on social media, and it’s the time to get yours!

diamond magnetic lash box

Of course, the diamond magnetic lash box is also supported customization, and you can choose the diamond magnetic lash box special with the acrylic crystal cover. You can see the lash styles clearly laying the diamond-shaped transparent lash tray, which is a beautiful present you can prepare for your beauties.

Round magnetic lash box

round magnetic lash box

The round magnetic lash box is also a great choice for you to save your lashes, you can put a pair of mink lashes inside of the round case looking like the foundation.

It’s really convenient for you to carry the round magnetic lash box with a mirror if you need to have a small business trip. It’s small and lightweight, you can put the round lash case in your handbag or purse, and it’s a must-have single cosmetic product to help you complete your daily makeup easily and quickly.

round magnetic lash box

If you want to save more lashes, you can choose this 2-pair round magnetic lash box, and this magnetic lash box is also designed to store the magnetic lashes. There are many different lash packaging kits or lash collections on the market, such as the magnetic lash kit including a pair of magnetic lashes, a tweezer, and an eyeliner.

magnetic lashes kit

It’s flexible for you to choose how to match your magnetic lashes kit, magnetic lashes, lash tweezers, lash glues and eyeliners, you can choose the right lash collection for you.

acrylic round lash box

The round lash box can be made of acrylic material, and you can choose the acrylic round lash box for you to save your lovely lashes. You can get more ideas about acrylic lash boxes here, so the round lash box can be used widely in custom lash box packaging.

Unique magnetic lash box with different sizes

magnetic lash box kit

Our magnetic lash boxes can be designed in different sizes, and you just tell us the length, width, and thickness of the magnetic lash boxes, we will do the customization for the boxes.

Here we have the mink lashes collection with three different sizes of magnetic lash boxes, including 2 in 1 lash kit ( 1 pair of lashes, 1 lash tweezer); 3 in 1 lash kit ( 2 pairs of lashes, 1 lash tweezer); 5 in 1 lash kit ( 3 pairs of lashes, 1 lash tweezer, and 1 eyeliner).

And the design pattern – the cartoon of three cute African girls with curly hair) is really popular now, and many clients from different countries are addicted to this beautiful design.

It’s afforable for you to get these beautiful lash kits with different sizes, of course, you can give us your wanted size, it’s also easy and quick to make the lash box according to your requests.

Glamorous magnetic lash box with different surface arts

The surface of the lash box is also customized, here we can provide different surface arts for you to custom your own lash box packaging.

Glitter magnetic lash box

glitter lash box

You can choose the lash box packaging with the glitter textured surface, looking shining and sparking. We supply all types of glitter lash boxes. You can choose to fill the glitter paper as the background to make your eyelash box look glittering and shining.

 glitter background paper for lash box

For the paper boxes without glitter texture, you can choose the colored glitter background paper to add the glitter design element, which can make your lash boxes colorful and beautiful.

You can choose the right shape of the glitter background paper to match the shape of the lash boxes. Different colors are provided to make your lash box style coordinated and well-matched.

Holographic magnetic lash box


Holographic design is also an important part of the lash box design, you can choose the holographic lash box with a unique design to save your lashes and display your lash brand.

Magnetic lash box with window or mirror

magnetic lash box with window

The design for the magnetic lash box is flexible and personalized, and you can choose to custom your magnetic eyelash boxes with different design elements to make your eyelash boxes out-standing.

Magnetic lash box can be added with the window, even you can custom different shapes for the window to display the lashes inside of the lash box.

magnetic lash box with window

Eye-shaped windows and heart-shaped windows for the lash box are really popular, you can do the customization about this magnetic lash box with the shaped window. And the area of the window is made of PVC material with an invisible color.

We also supply the lash box with a mirror inside, making it much easier for you to make up in your daily life. It is friendly and convenient to carry the lashes anywhere you need.

Middle opened magnetic lash box

middle opened magnetic lash box

I do love this amazing magnetic lash box, you can open this magnetic lash box from two sides, both right side and left side, and here is the magnet in the middle, so we can name this special-designed lash box middle-opened magnetic lash box.

This creative lash box can support customization too, and you can print your private logo or brand name in the middle of the magnetic lash box, looking symmetrically.

Magnetic lash box with ribbon

magnetic lash box with ribbon

I love ribbons, yep, we also have magnetic lash boxes with long ribbons! You can make a beautiful bowknot using these long silky ribbons. The magnetic eyelash box with ribbons is cute and creative for you to give your lovely lashes as a gift to your best friend. I do believe that nobody can refuse an adorable gift like this!

Magnetic lash box with feather

magnetic lash box with feather

Wow, I love this magnetic lash box with feathers! This is the magnetic lash box with three-sided white feathers, the feathers are fluffy and soft, and these are cute and adorable. And the colors of the feathers are also variable.

Of course, the ribbons can be added to the rhinestone lash box to make your lash box much more fun!

magnetic lash box with ribbon

It’s very flexible to custom your own lash box, and you can combine different design elements together to get your ideal lash box.

For example, I want to red glitter lash box with square shape, yes, we can do. I want my lash box to be printed with my own lash brand name, of course! I like the round magnetic lash box with long ribbons for making a bownot, yes, we make it!


Overall, these are the magnetic lash boxes we have, please feel free to contact us any time if you are interested in the personalized lash boxes!

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