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If you are importing false lashes from China to the USA or any other country, then you need to know something about the lash manufacturer.

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Mink lashes are booming now!

Need any help on wholesale lashes from China, here we are the top leading lash manufacturer, with over 20 years of experience in creating top-rated false lashes for you. 

We have our own lash manufacturer based in Qingdao, a city near the seaside, which is one of the best lash factories in China, with the ability of production and creation in the lash market. 
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Mink Lashes Manufacturer from China

mink lashes manufacturer
mink lashes manufacturer

Here are many different types of false lashes in the lash market, and all of these false lashes can be varied in different materials, the raw materials to make false lashes. 

Up to now, we have mink lashes, synthetic lashes, silk lashes, vegan lashes and etc. 

Especially mink lashes, we focus on mink lashes, with the largest market share in the mink lashes business. And we are professionals in lash manufacturing, designing, and producing, we have established a professional production line to work out the best false lashes for clients, from all over the world. 

Compared with other false lashes, mink lashes are the most expensive false lashes, and mink lashes are made of natural mink fur. 

We collect the falling mink fur using a brush or comb, from the Siberian mink animal, without any damage to the minks. And then we use the mink fur to make lashes. 

The texture of mink lashes is supernatural, soft, and smooth, similar to the texture of human hair, so mink lashes can become more and more popular on the lash market. More and more people from all over the world prefer mink lashes to any other fake eyelashes. 

If you want to look for wholesale mink lashes with 3D effect, and we are the professional lash manufacturer for you to consider, with the rich experience to make top-rated mink lashes, we can the reliable wholesale lash factory for you to choose. 
Here are some reasons telling you why you can choose us:
We have our own warehouse to store our mink lashes, so you can get your favorite mink lashes as soon as possible, without wasting so much time. We can ship the mink lashes in stock to your side, to save time and money for you. 
About mink lashes, we have 500 different styles for you to choose from, and they are different in lengths, curls, styles, effects, and thicknesses, you can contact us to get the mink lashes catalog. 
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